About Us

Supporting operators both on and offshore, PipeSense boasts decades of experience in selecting, developing, and deploying complex pipeline integrity management technologies and high-end engineering. Our advanced pipeline monitoring and leak detection solutions are tailored to every client we work with, providing 24/7 peace of mind that your pipeline is operating safely.

From real-time hydrotest leak location and pre-existing pipeline leak detection during operation, to real-time advanced pipeline leak detection and pig location tracking, PipeSense provides you with a complete pipeline monitoring solution to enhance operational efficiency and provide peace of mind 24/7.

Your pipeline integrity partner

The PipeSense Promise

At PipeSense, our team boasts over a century of industry expertise, and we are proud of the knowledge we have garnered over the years. We work closely with our clients to understand their pipeline operational challenges and develop individually tailored leak detection and monitoring solutions using the latest AI-based data analysis techniques. Our solutions offer unparalleled performance and economic value without compromising on ease of installation and operation. 

We are committed to our values of honesty and integrity, which guide us in all our interactions. We view our customers as true partners, prioritising collaboration, open and honest communication, and shared goals and values. When you partner with PipeSense, you can trust that we will deliver reliable and effective solutions to meet your pipeline operational needs.

Our top priority is to provide our customers with trailblazing, effective solutions. We aim to not just meet their expectations, but exceed them, and go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. Our team is deeply passionate about our technology and what it represents. Committing to genuine intentions is vital for achieving success and cultivating lasting relationships with our customers.


At PipeSense, we view our customers as true partners, working together in the spirit of collaboration. We believe in open and honest communication with our clients, appreciating the impact of transparency when working together towards achieving our shared goals and values. Our focus is on building strong and lasting relationships with our customers, based on mutual respect and trust.

Known for our forward-thinking approach and ‘can do, will do attitude’, our proactive mindset not only helps us to minimize risks and avoid costly mistakes but also enables us to stay ahead of the competition by constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

We take an enterprising approach to everything we do, utilizing our expertise in industry-leading technology to consistently deliver exceptional solutions. We are driven to be at the forefront of technology and industry advancement, approaching every opportunity with a positive and enterprising outlook, ensuring we are always delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our customer base.

Environmental, social and corporate governance

We are dedicated to leading in environmental stewardship by ensuring pipeline integrity. In harnessing the power of AI-based data analysis techniques, we enable our clients to drive production in a responsible manner, delivering a range of ESG-focused benefits. Our cutting-edge technologies enable real-time leak detection and monitoring for both greenfield and aging pipeline infrastructure, ensuring reliable and safe production. With low-risk intervention and easy adoption, our solutions are socially responsible and sustainable, making us the go-to choice for any project completion.

Enhanced greenfield and aging pipeline infrastructure with real-time leak detection and monitoring

Low risk intervention and ease of adoption

Reliable and safe production

Socially responsible project completion and overall sustainable environmental stewardship