From real-time advanced pipeline leak detection and identifying pre-existing pipeline leaks during operation, to real-time hydrotest leak location and pig location tracking, our PipeSentry suite of products provides you with a complete pipeline monitoring solution to enhance operational efficiency and provide peace of mind 24/7. 

Underpinning our state-of-the-art pipeline monitoring solutions is a field hardened, yet flexible, combination of specialized high-speed data acquisition and analysis hardware and cutting edge AI-based software solutions.  This highly flexible platform can be quickly and efficiently deployed in either fully portable or permanently installed form, with application specific software tailored to your pipeline system configuration and operational needs. 



Our revolutionary advanced pipeline leak detection system, PipeGuard, offers our clients absolute peace of mind, knowing that any unexpected pipeline leaks, however they are caused, are quickly detected and located thanks to 24/7 monitoring. 

Our multi-award-winning Internet of Things-based (IoT) leak detection system offers a disruptive solution for pipeline leak detection that can quickly and accurately detect and pinpoint pipeline leaks, enabling operators to significantly reduce the impact of any pipeline leak.  With PipeGuard, leaks are accurately identified, without the risk of false positives.

User notification is distributed via our easy-to-use pipeline mapping system.  Based on a Docker Container architecture, our client interface can be readily deployed to suit the most exacting of cyber-security requirements, while being flexible enough to provide operation wide near-real-time notification of pipeline operational events via text, email, web based application and SCADA interface.

  • Leak event notification within two to three minutes, while eliminating the risk of false positives

  • Pinpoint leak location within 20 – 50 feet on a pipeline

  • Works with any pipeline contents and pipeline system configuration, even those with highly variable and challenging flow regimes

  • Able to be deployed on both onshore and offshore pipeline systems

  • No need to replace your existing system. Our flexible system can be used to monitor entire pipeline systems or focus on highly sensitive areas – it’s up to you as the customer

  • Fully compliant with the requirements of PHMSA RIN 2137-AF06, update to 49 CFR Parts 192 and 195, and API RP 1130


PipeScan is a cutting-edge technology that provides operators with absolute peace of mind that their pipeline has a clean bill of health, even without previous monitoring.

By combining our multi-award-winning pipeline monitoring and leak detection system, with product specific pipeline inspection and maintenance techniques,  PipeScan will detect and pinpoint pre-existing leaks, providing accurate location with minimal equipment setup.

Using either permanently mounted or portable hardware, PipeScan is quickly and efficiently deployed to provide operators with an effective solution to one of the most challenging problems a pipeline operator confronts.

  • Efficient and accurate identification of pre-existing pipeline leaks

  • Easy system deployment using portable equipment

  • Flexible use of already installed permanent hardware

  • Efficiently locate leaks, greatly reducing operating downtimes and repair costs


PipeTrack is a trailblazing pig tracking technology. Providing real-time, accurate location as you pig, PipeTrack significantly reduces the time and costs associated with traditional methods of pig tracking and location. 

Featuring either permanent or portable system deployment. PipeTrack provides pipeline operators and contractors with a flexible and highly effective way to track pipeline pigs accurately and in real time, without disruption to pipeline operations.

PipeTrack is designed to maximize efficiency during the entire pigging operation.

  • Real time accurate pig location

  • Easy system deployment using portable equipment

  • Flexible use of already installed permanent hardware

  • No need for manual in-field tracking

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of pigging speed

  • Precise identification of any stuck pig’s location


Utilizing our cutting-edge, pressure monitoring solution, and award-winning leak detection software, the PipeTest system provides hydrotest monitoring backed by AI data analysis. Providing operators with complete assurance of asset integrity in real time, PipeTest enables quick and accurate pipeline leak location during hydrotest, providing significant time and cost savings.

PipeTest is a portable, cutting-edge sensor and signal processing system. Designed to be easily connected to any pipeline system, PipeTest can be easily connected to test headers or other pipeline locations via a small bore branch. Leak location is returned in real time and has been shown to be accurate down to a few feet.

  • Accurate real time detection of leaks during hydrotest

  • Pinpoint leak location typically with 20-50ft

  • Remote measurement of test pressure from both ends of the test

  • Shortens the pre-test stabilization period

  • Provides a complete detailed pressure test record with data recorded at 1,000 samples per second from both ends

  • Easy system deployment using portable equipment

  • Flexible use of already installed permanent hardware