Testing Facilities

PipeSense is committed to providing a fully integrated service, ensuring the maximization of your asset’s operational efficiency and service life. In line with this, our state-of-the-art testing facilities allow us to develop and fully test our pipeline monitoring and leak detection solutions in practical, real-world conditions, ensuring our clients of a first-class, reliable service, each and every time.

Houston Test Facility

The fully automated facility allows us to run everything from individual, remote, or in-person, client demonstrations to long-term hardware, software, and full solution testing.  Replaceable spool piece sections enable clients to explore different pipeline challenges or even add their own equipment to the test.

Clearbrook Test Facility

Our custom-built, 24-inch, full-scale pipeline test rig enables us to test, develop, and demonstrate our real-time pig tracking and existing pipeline leak location technologies.

Through significant investment into our test facilities, PipeSense provides clients with first-class, full-scale testing and demonstration capabilities.